KBL verhuurbalie

do it yourself light+sound rental

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Simple and easy...

Do it yourself sound and light equipment. Tell us what you are planning to do and we will give you our advice in what you need. Speaking from our years and years of experience in events and entertainment


..with clear instructions..

    No technical prerequisite whatsoever is needed for the advised equipment.
    Upon pickup we will give you:

  • Instructions on how to setup and operate
  • Answer any questions
  • Make sure your gig will be a succes

..budget friendly

No awkward deposits, just use a valid ID to identify yourselves and pay outfront at pickup. To keep things affordable:
cash only, no pin, no creditcards!



Phone 'Lampie' at any time between 13.00 and 22.00 (except Tuesdays) at 0317-414857